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EWAB Engineering Group

EWAB Flow Technology for Lean Manufacturing and Assembly processes

CV Joints
Lean manufacturing system for CV Joints built on EWAB Flow Technology principles.

To achieve continuous flow in manufacturing processes, a part that is on its way to the next operation must be given the option to choose an alternative resource if the intended resource is not available. In addition, each resource must be given the opportunity to access every part in the system without delay in order to avoid idle time. In assembly processes where product variations can cause significantly different assembly time cycles, there is a need for alternative routing in order to meet required Takt time. With a self balancing interaction in-between the “pull” function and “re-route” function, EWAB Flow Technology can eliminate uncontrolled buffers, idle time in machines while increasing throughput.

Transmission shafts
Lean manufacturing system for input shafts built on EWAB Flow Technology principles.

One company in 9 countries, supporting global customer needs.

Virtual teams

EWAB Engineering is a unique multi skilled global organisation with a 40 year history of successful Flow Technology projects for Lean Manufacturing world wide.

We have named our business strategy EWAB Lean Operation and it is based on extensive team work, 100% process and project orientation, a high competence flexibility and high throughput.

With this combination we are able to provide EWAB Best Total Deal to our customer.

Know-How, Services and Systems for Lean Manufacturing needs

RM Wheel

The know-how has accumulated since the dawn of automation in the 70's and has evolved to EWAB Flow Technology systems and services for lean manufacturing - today and in the future!

EWAB modular mindset, does not stop with modular components, but goes all the way to system and layout modules with pre-defined and tested functionality using modular controls as well as modular software. Thus giving an outstanding R&M track record that give an EWAB Flow Technology system 99,9% up time.

The key for EWAB Flow Technology is not any of the individual elements. But what is important is having all the elements together as a system and practicing it every single day.

Metaphors or Real Lean Manufacturing on your shop floor?

lean Manufacturing gurus

Metaphors are often needed to simplify and visualize a thought, principle or vision.
E.Deming, J.Juran, T.Ohno and E.Goldratt have all described their views of lean manufacturing using metaphors. - Yet, most of it is just common sense!

And... common sense tells us that just metaphors will not make your manufacturing system lean.
To become lean one needs to consider all constraints - simultaneously! Constraints are different for every company, every factory, every production line, every product. It may be machine capacity, tooling, lack of parts, defects from earlier processes and other quite visible reasons. The most difficult constraints however, are the ones that are not visible to the naked eye such as internal policies, erroneous input and/or statistics leading to wrong assumptions.

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